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 Skull Bead Pace Counters
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 Skull Bead Pace Counters    Skull Bead Pace Counters  

Skull Bead Pace Counters

Here at Army Surplus World we carry Skull Bead Pace Counters. These beads are perfect for the hiker, or for your walking exercise program, or anyone who wants to get an idea of how far they have traveled. They make a great gift. Light weight and strong. It is based on your personal pace count. Start off with the right foot and every time your left foot hits the ground you have traveled 1 pace. Everyone's pace is different but the average pace is 60", so ...30" with one foot x 2 = 60" traveled = 1 pace. You take 60" X about 66 paces = 330 ft, which is close to 100 meters. 100 meters is approx. 328.0839895' ft. Find out what your actual pace count is to 100 meters and do it 3 or 4 times to get an average. Your pace count may be more or less with different terrain. Steep slopes, holes, valleys etc. will cause you to take more paces to go 100 meters, so allow about 10% error on your pace count if you are on these terrains instead of flat ground travel. To attach the pace counter you pass the loop end through your top button hole and pull the beaded end through the exposed loop. Pull both sets of beads up as far as possible. After pacing off 100 meters, 66 paces for example with your left foot, pull down the first bead on the line with 9 beads. Continue walking until you travel another 100 meters, pull another bead down from the line with 8 beads left. ect. until all 9 beads are down. Walk another 100 meters and you have traveled 1000 meters or 1 KM. Pull down a bead from the line with 4 beads and reset the line with 9 beads by pulling them back up. When all the beads are pulled down at (4,900 meters traveled), pace off another 100 meters and pull all the beads up to mark 5,000 meters or 5 KM., and start again. With time and practice, you will be a pro at it and will be sure of your of your pace count. The Skull Bead Pace Counters come in white or black skull beads. Order your Skull Bead pace counters from Army Surplus World today!
  • Made in the USA
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